Brendan Hoare has been committed to organic agriculture for 27 years. He is currenlty the Managing Director of Organic Systems Ltd a New Zealand based provider of expertise and services to the Organic and eco sector of the Oceania region and Asia delivering effective commercial growth strategies to business and non business partners. He also serves on the Boards of Soil and Health Association, a Director of BioGro and NZ's peak body Organics Aotearoa New Zealand.

Brendan is an imitator and innovator with a vision is to create an effective thriving network of Organic and ecological businesses, communities and organisations throughout the Oceania Pacific and Asia region.  His effective leadership style is focused on results and change. He was instrumental in establishing this Journal, the development of the NZ National Organic Sector Strategy and the formation of the new peak organisation Organics Aotearoa New Zealand.

He is the Team Leader for the Oceania-focused Journal of Organic Systems, audits a national participatory guarantee program and serves as Chair of the 'econation2020 Trust'. His family run a certified 4 hectare property designed on polyculture systems of Asia/ Pacific.



Brendan Hoare

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