We Need Your Support

JOS has been founded on the spirit of participation. We have identified a need, worked with stakeholders to ensure that it meets all needs and pursued it till a point of completion. Our work has been voluntary and collaborative. We have much more to do and require your support.

The amount requested as a supporter is a modest sum however we recognise that every bit helps. We look forward to receiving your generous contribution.

Should you or your organisation wish to consider sponsorship you can contact us directly.

Three Levels of Support

Suggested donations (NZD) to the Journal of Organic Systems are as follows:

  • Organisations $200.00
  • Individuals $50.00
  • Students $20.00

Payment Form

To download the Support Us form, click here. The form can then be printed, completed and posted with payment by Bank Cheque or International Money Order (New Zealand Dollars) to:

Journal of Organic Systems
PO Box 95005, Swanson,
Waitakere City,
New Zealand

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